Counselling or Talking Therapies are a way to help people who are feeling overwhelmed and lost. This could be for a wide range of reasons. My aim is to firstly help relieve your distress, give you the space and the time to work through your feelings and support you in finding a way forward and out of the ‘stuckness’ that you may be feeling. I offer a private, confidential, comfortable place in which do this

How you may be feeling
I feel sad, lost and alone. I don’t know where to turn!

The problem you have right now
I am overwhelmed, stuck, I feel like I think I’m going mad!

What you need help with right now?
I need space, time to stop and think. I need someone to talk to in confidence who will listen and not judge me.

What service will work best for you?
The service that will suit you best is 1:1 counselling. The minimum time for effective change is 6 weeks.