Mindfulness Meditation

Mindful Meditation is nothing new. It is just the practice of stopping and taking time to just ‘be‘. Have you ever just sat and watched an ant busily getting on with its day? Or sat and stared, not thinking about anything particular? Then you are already able to do it. But it is not natural to us anymore. We feel guilty when we stop, feel lazy or selfish! We are constantly wanting the next thing, worrying about the next day, week or what will happen tomorrow. I’d like to teach you how to STOP! How to be in the ‘here and now,’ just like that ant. It’s time to give yourself a break!

Do you want to feel at peace again? To stop worrying what others are thinking of you? Do you constantly worry about what will happen tomorrow?


How you may be feeling at the moment
I dread ‘quiet’ or ‘alone’ time because my mind goes into overdrive. My head is constantly full of thoughts. I can’t concentrate. I am exhausted and I can’t sleep.

The package that would help you best
Discover ‘how to quieten your mind!’